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Battery charger manual

For posterity, here’s the service manual for the battery charger that’s installed in our Westies:

Airstream Sprinter Westfalia battery charger manual

The info comes from OldFool / OldWest, who posts in the Yahoo group as well as on

According the the Samba thread, the battery charger was manufactured by Cherokee Europe for Westfalia. Cherokee Europe was purchased by its management in 2008 and became Mitra Energy and Infrastructure with a website That name later became Mitra Innovations. Mitra Innovations is now part of Alpha Technologies.

(Here’s the thread.)

If you’re looking for the location of the charger in your van, it’s behind a metal plate in the cabinet under the kitchen sink.

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Turbo resonator replacement instructions

Yesterday I posted up some info about replacement turbo resonators. I promised to find some information about the removal/installation process.

Here are two good resources:

– Riordan’s site has their instruction page available. I’ve copied it over to this site for posterity: Directions for installing the Sprinter turbo resonator eliminator

– A member of who goes by the name Sikwan posted some basic instructions, with pictures: Turbo Resonator Removal and Comparison on

By the way, here’s a picture of the stock turbo resonator on the right, and Riordan’s version on the left:

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Airstream Westfalia for sale in Phoenix, AZ

Update: Sold for $52,500.

This one just came up on Ebay:

Buy it now for $53,995. It’s a very clean looking unit with only 33K miles on it, and missing nothing. I’ve only seen it in the photos on the ad, but it certainly looks like one of the cleanest I’ve seen. I’d say the price is very good for a unit in this shape, and it likely won’t last long.

I have no affiliation – I just post up any Westy that I come across for sale.

More pictures after the break…

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Aftermarket turbo resonators for the T1N Sprinter

The good folks in the sprinter_westfalia Yahoo! Group have been discussing turbo resonators (aka TBRs). Since the stock turbo resonator is known to fail under high loads, many replace them before they break. There are two aftermarket models available:

– The Riordan Turbo Resonator Eliminator (part number SRE-06) is a popular one. It’s expensive (over $100) but can’t break in the same way as the originals (the originals, when they break, do so along a seam in the plastic). A drawback is that it doesn’t dampen the turbo whine like the original does, so the whine can be noticeably louder. Some also note extra vibration.

– I’d never heard of the Dorman 904-303 Turbo Sound and Vibration Dampener until it was mentioned in the group. Apparently, it’s a well-made plastic replacement, that may be reinforced on the plastic seam. At $30, it’s pretty cheap insurance.

Replacement is apparently about a 30 minute job. I’ll try and track down some instructions and post them up soon.

(And if you have a Sprinter Westfalia, be sure to join the Yahoo! group. It’s an incredible source of information, and it benefits from additional member participation.)

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Airstream Sprinter Westfalia for sale in Birmingham, AL

Update: Sold!

A reader of this blog is selling his low-miles Westy. Some info is below; contact Elwyn at [email removed] or [removed] for more information.


  • 19,000 miles.
  • Brand new house batteries.
  • Everything works.
  • New Koni rear shocks.
  • Excellent condition.
  • Mag wheels and running boards (some vans came with these, some didn’t).
  • $56k.


More pictures after the break…

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