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A cool storage idea

While browsing the German Westfalia James Cook site, I came across this cool example of creative storage solutions:

It was posted by user uwe-bs.

I haven’t found any details as to how it’s mounted, what the box is, etc. But it’s food for thought for any creative types who are considering external storage.

Update: Uwe from Germany responded to my email; it’s an Omnistor Carry-All Box 100. I believe it’s mounted to the bike rack with extended posts and some angle aluminum, but Google Translate didn’t capture the details very well.

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Replacing the water heater anode rod

I’m gradually catching up with all of the required maintenance, and this weekend tackled the anode rod in the water heater. I’d been meaning to do it for a while – I’d never replaced it myself, and had no idea when it was last replaced by the previous owner.

To get the old rod out, you’ll need a 1 1/16″ socket (a wrench won’t fit). I didn’t have that socket but did have a 27mm socket that fit perfectly.

After a few turns of the bolt head, the water in the tank came shooting out in a great burst! I found myself covered with water as well as what I presume to be calcium deposits 🙂 The rest of the water proceeded to drain out of the tank through the anode rod’s hole – perhaps it also drained my fresh water tank at the same time? Once all the water was out I directed a garden hose into the hole to try and flush out all of the gunk I could feel at the bottom of the tank. There was a lot!

A hint for anyone else doing this: park very close to a drain when you do this. The amount of calcium deposits in the tank is amazing!! After hosing it all off of my driveway I’m left with a broad white strip at the bottom of the drive.

The new rod just screws right in. It’s an easy, 5-10 minute job; 2 minutes if you don’t need to rinse your tank.

Here’s the rod I bought: Suburban 232768 Aluminum Anode Rod

The rod inside the tank still had a fair amount aluminum left on it. I bought the van a year ago:

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