A cool storage idea

While browsing the German Westfalia James Cook site, I came across this cool example of creative storage solutions:

It was posted by user uwe-bs.

I haven’t found any details as to how it’s mounted, what the box is, etc. But it’s food for thought for any creative types who are considering external storage.

Update: Uwe from Germany responded to my email; it’s an Omnistor Carry-All Box 100. I believe it’s mounted to the bike rack with extended posts and some angle aluminum, but Google Translate didn’t capture the details very well.

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  1. Bob says:

    I think that the box is a Fiamma Carry Box that has been painted to match the vehical. I believe you can get them here through Fiamma in Florida. Looks like you’d need to take a ladder along with you to access the box in its location.

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