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Thetford Bravura installation and owner’s guide

Since I’m re-designing my black water system, I had to pull out the toilet. Here’s the installation and owner’s guide for the factory-installed model, the Thetford Bravura.

Thetford Bravura installation and owner’s guide

The Bravura is still available for sale from a number of places. Ours is the high profile version, as listed here on Amazon:

Thetford 31084 Bravura White High Profile Toilet

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Espar heater documentation

A collection of manuals and troubleshooting documents for the Espar heaters that are installed in the Sprinter. There are two separate heaters installed from the factory:

  • An Espar Airtronic D4S that provides coach heat. It’s installed in a metal box underneath the van, on the driver’s side. You’ll recognize it by the exhaust coming out of the box. This is an extra heater, installed as part of the Westfalia conversion.
  • An Espar Hydronic D5 that provides coolant heating and ‘booster’ heat. It’s also referred to as the ‘auxiliary water heater’ in the owner’s manual. Engine coolant is circulated through this heater when it is activated, speeding up engine warming and providing hot cabin heat more quickly.
There’s also a residual heat option (the REST button on the dash) that circulates coolant past a fan. It blows any residual heat from the coolant, providing cabin heat for a time after the engine has been turned off.
D4S manuals:
D5 manuals:

More information can be found in this (still rather confusing) post on

The owner’s manual also provides information on operating the booster/auxiliary water heater.

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2006 Sprinter Diagnostic Manuals

Here are the diagnostic/testing manuals for the 2006 Sprinter. The US Airstream Westfalias are built on a 2004 chassis, but the differences should be minimal, or none.

There are four parts to the manual:

Thanks to Juju for these manuals!

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