Will this one fetch $70k?

Update: The listing went a bit haywire and was removed from eBay. In the Q&A the seller states:

Q: What would you consider reasonable offer?
A: I have turned down 63,500. Acceptable offer has to be above 65,000

I’m not sure if the van sold or not. I’m refraining from speculating on what it’s worth 🙂

A reader contacted me yesterday and pointed out a Westy on eBay, with a Buy it Now price of $69,500:

Sprinter Westfalia for sale in Pasadena


I vaguely recall seeing a Westy sell on eBay for somewhere around $60k a few years ago, but have never seen one up near $70k. However, this one is indeed very nice – only 16,000 miles, everything apparently in good condition, new tires and batteries, etc. The only thing I see missing are alloy wheels, which are tricky to find aftermarket, and running boards, which some like and some don’t. The generator has low miles, which is actually a bit of a downside, considering they should be run periodically to keep them lubricated. The ad says that the toilet, shower, and stove have never been used?!

Would you pay $70k for a van this nice? I’ll be keeping my eye on the ad to see what it fetches in the end.

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8 Responses to Will this one fetch $70k?

  1. JGG says:

    I saw this too. Any opinions on what you think its worth?

    • mike says:

      I think it might be bad form for me to speculate on this website 🙂 I do have a number in mind though, so I’m keen to see how close I get.

  2. Atman says:

    Well, it appears to have changed hands, one way or another. Carfax shows it getting registered in Boulder, CO on 8/14/14.

    These seem to be near impossible to find.

    • mike says:

      It’s a nice van – someone will certainly enjoy it.

      They’re not impossible to find but certainly aren’t as common as most RVs. There’s a fairly slow but steady flow of vans up for sale, but some parts of the country are luckier than others. If you’re on the West coast, you won’t have to wait long. If you’re serious about buying, and you don’t live in California or Seattle, you may have to be willing to travel to pick it up. I drove from Seattle to SoCal to get mine, and had a great roadtrip on the way back 🙂

      There are more for sale than are listed on this site – I’m not actively seeking them out at this point. Check craigslist through a national aggregator like searchtempest.com, and check out the sprinter_westfalia yahoo group. Finally, sprinter-forum.com sometimes has listings.

      Good luck!

  3. Willy says:

    2005 Westfalia Airstream Sprinter – $10000
    The same vehicle is posted on craigslist Salt Lake City and is a total ruse. BEWARE

  4. Rich Kruer says:

    There is a blue Westy listed now on eBay by original owner
    It is in Florida with about 200000 miles
    Price $46000

    • mike says:

      Thanks Rich! Looks like it sold for $42k. High miles, but it looked clean. And *double* kayak racks!! Hogging those hard-to-find accessories 🙂


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