New and old Westies and VWs

Jerry sent me this awesome photograph of his van at a VW swap meet in St. Pete. I asked him what sort of reception he received; he says:

The moment I drove up and they saw the Westie logo I had a crowd of people welcoming us into the VW group. They were really impressed by the interior because it had the familiar feeling of a Volkswagen camper. I hung around and swapped stories about past camping trips. I’ve also have owned a 1971 Volkswagen westie, 1987 Vanagon camper, and a 1991 Eurovan camper. So we really had fun talking about what if…the Airstream Westie became the next Volkswagen.

Airstream Westfalia at VW swap meet

Thanks Jerry for sharing this!

Everybody else, please feel free to send me photos to post.

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Some old pictures

Winter’s a bit slow for us when it comes to vannin’, so the site has pretty much been a string of for sale ads recently! To break that string, here’s a couple of old pictures of the van – the only ones I had on my phone, since the rest of my photos are on a hard drive elsewhere right now.

(Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind for sale ads at all, but I like to entertain current owners as well 🙂 )

The first one is at a parking lot in Banff National Park, from a trip last year:

Banff National Park

Also from last year, when we were at our most vanful, and wishing we were in California still 🙂

Winter storm

Feel free to send me your own pictures!

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Airstream Sprinter Westfalia for sale in Orange County, CA

Update: Sold!

Jason in Orange County asked me to post his van for sale – here’s what he has to say:

My wife and I bought the van back in 2007 or so from the original owner. The van at that time had about 18K miles on it. I’m up to date on all maintenance with a recent addition of new glow plugs with relay. Additionally the van has under 5K on new OEM Michelin tires. Currently the van has 40K miles.

Airstream Sprinter Westfalia for sale in OC, CA

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Airstream Sprinter Westfalia for sale in Denver, CO

Update: Sold!

A fellow named Karl contacted me to let me know that he’s selling his Westy.

He tells me that it has ~37,000 miles, brand new Michelins, and is in good shape. It’s located in Denver, CO. No pictures yet, unfortunately.

He wants to sell it very quickly so is asking $48,500. If you’re in the market for a Westy this could be your chance to get one below the average price. Give Karl a call at (phone number removed after sale) for more info.

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Airstream Sprinter Westfalia for sale in Florida

Update: Winning bid was $53,100.
Updated update: Reposted on eBay, buy it now at $52,500.

A Westy has been posted on eBay, located at a dealership in Florida.

It has 22,000 miles and looks to be in good shape, cosmetically. The listing doesn’t go into any details specific to this vehicle – just the regular marketing spiel and specifications.

Of the items that differ between units, this one has the alloy wheels and metal running boards. The TV is still present, and it has the metal grab bar that was included on higher-number units and / or retrofitted by the factory. (Westies were produced for one year only, but there are some slight variations from unit 1 to unit 250).

There’s a reserve price (which eBay doesn’t reveal) and the auction ends January 13th. I’ll keep an eye on it and will post the final price here.

Airstream Westfalia Sprinter for sale in Florida

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Winterizing the water system

Now that we’re halfway through winter, I finally found the time to go out and winterize the water system in the Westy. Luckily we rarely dip below freezing up here in the Pacific Northwest, so it hasn’t been an issue – in fact, last year I did nothing other than drain my tanks, and didn’t have any problems.

Others on the sprinter_westfalia list claim that filling the system with antifreeze is overkill, and blowing out the lines with compressed air, then filling the traps with antifreeze is sufficient. That may be, but it also sounds more complicated to me! Especially since hauling my air compressor out of the garage is probably a 20 minute job in itself 🙂

This year I figured I’d be a bit more prudent, and went out and bought 10 gallons of RV antifreeze to take care of all of the tanks, lines, and traps.

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Subscribe to posts by email

I’ve had a few requests for an email subscription feature on the blog, so today I added a link to the sidebar that adds that feature.

It uses Feedburner (a Google product) to send out daily emails when there’s new content.

Subscribe to by email.

Here’s Google’s privacy policy. Here’s mine:

I hate spam! And so does everyone else (I bet even spammers hate spam). I’ll never sell, share, display, or otherwise distribute your email address, and I’ll never use it for anything other than responding to your questions or sending you new posts if you’re subscribed.

There’s also an RSS feed if you prefer.

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